Church Leader Authorization Form (CLAF)

The BudgetCoaching Prerequisite

The Church Leader Authorization Form must be completed (by your Church Leader) for all new Budget Coaches prior to beginning training. Please, E-mail this page (link) to your church leadership for their signature.

A Financial BudgetCoach will assist their clients in evaluating their present spending pattern, and help them work toward a balanced plan. Additionally, a Budget Coach will help with:

  • Tailoring a savings plan
  • Career planning options
  • Adapting a debt reduction plan
  • Dealing with creditors, FICO score and Identity Theft
  • Providing tools to track financials
  • Point your clients to Financial Software as needed
  • Understand and apply Biblical truths allowing you to manage all the resources God has entrusted to you
Tuition Cost

Individual Registration $175
Couples Registration $275


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BudgetCoach Training Brochure BudgetCoach Training Brochure (770 KB)