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Connect National BudgetCoach Network

The Connect National BudgetCoach Network (CNBC) is a collaborative effort of Connect Financial Ministries and Vision Resourcing Group to serve, train and equip new Budget Coaches, and to provide specialized Advanced Budget Coaching skills to experienced coaches, utilizing biblical principles.

CNBC also offers a National Volunteer Network of qualified Budget Coaches that can respond to people in need online or in person within 24–48 hours of first contact.

Vision Resourcing Group provides the basic Budget Coach training, both online or on-site, covering budget analysis, debt reduction, prayer strategy, small business counsel, FICO scores, Identity Theft, and more.

Connect Financial Ministries offers continuing education in the form of webinars and personal mentoring for Advanced Budget Coach Skills training.

Vision Resourcing Group


Vision Resourcing Group
The word stewardship has been cast to narrowly to just finances. However we believe that biblical stewardship is much broader and impacts every area of live. Because of this truth, we’ve focused our efforts in understanding how to apply the best products, tools and processes to help develop a Life Stewardship Strategy for your church. 

Some components of a Life Stewardship Strategy include finance, career development, health, legacy planning, marriage and family. Vision Resourcing Group has developed an approach to help our customers assess, select, and implement the best of all available resources to fulfil your church’s vision.

We are a 501C3 not-for-profit ministry dedicated to helping Christian leaders succeed in their areas of responsibility, calling and influence. 

We provide this through our in-house and partner organization resources, including one-on-one and group training. Another strength is our ability to assist you in designing the best mix of resource options, which include a customized Life Stewardship Strategy of how best to make use of these tools.

Live the life of a Faithful Steward with what you have been entrusted: Your physical body, time, financial resources, the earth, relationships, the gospel, gifts/abilities/talents and your business.

Our Vision is to: See Christian leaders equipped in training others to become more generous givers and faithful managers of God’s resources.

Jim Sullivan CEO & Co-Founder

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Connect Financial Ministries


Connect Financial Ministries

Connect Financial Ministries provides qualified coaches who will either meet you in person, online or by phone. They will assist you in evaluating your present spending pattern and help you work towards a tailored balanced plan.

Additionally, a coach will help you with:

  • Saving plans
  • Career planning
  • Adapt a debt reduction plan
  • Deal with creditors
  • Tools to track finances
  • Financial software
  • Understand biblical truths

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