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STRIVE Workshop September 29th, 2018

One-day Career Essentials Workshop for ages 15 to 21

Strive is a one-day workshop targeting high school and college students and their parents. The workshop provides valuable career and life readiness guidance to help students identify and obtain the career that matches their God-given path. Strive uses Crown™ Career Direct to help students identify their strengths, talents and vocation. Career Direct is a unique assessment and consultation program designed to help you maximize your God-given talents and abilities.

For more information about Career Direct: Career Direct

The students will learn how to utilize this information to build their personal brand, establish their short and long range goals, create a career readiness plan, build their LinkedIn profile, write their resume, and prepare them for networking and interviewing. The workshop also provides financial readiness instruction, covering topics such as budgeting, salary needs and debt reduction. The students will walk away from this workshop better focused and equipped and more confident in realizing their God given purpose.

Maggie's Testimonial  (from STRIVE 4/8/17 Event)

Maggie is a 15 year old student at Orange Lutheran High School in the City of Orange, CA.

"Prior to my actual participation in STRIVE, I've imagined it to be a stressful day full of useful lectures from a random strict, professional-looking, and business-like stranger. I had everything included in my bag: I had my charger, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and another gigantic lunch bag full of snacks, just in case this orientation gets way too boring. After all, I knew it was going to take up my entire day.

However, surprisingly, the workshop was given to us in a mind-refreshing way. Mr. Ron and his fellow colleagues brought out the essential information through a combination of topic related surveys (that you get to use your electronic devices!), convenient and helpful workbook packets, long breaks throughout the day, and lastly, my favorite: simulations of real-life interviews with experienced people. Ultimately, you will gain tips and knowledge that people will only know after years of involvement in business and job-searching, etc, in just a few hours. STRIVE was definitely worth of a Saturday for me. Through participating in it, I gained access to a valuable short-cut."

— Maggie

STRIVE Event Information

Event Date:  September 29th, 2018
Event Time:  8:30AM - 3:30PM
Location:  Ventura Missionary Church
500 Highpoint Drive, Ventura, CA 93003
Contact:   Amy Holden
Contact Phone:   805.642.0550 (Ext. 340)
Google Map:

Cost $397.00 Includes:

Self Branding • Resume Writing • Networking • Salary Negotiations • Interviewing • and more...

  • Highly Interactive 5hr Workshop
  • Career Direct Online Assessment and consultation
  • Workbooks
  • Media Presentations
  • Reference Resources
  • Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided
  • *Food alergies? Please email:
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