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This BudgetCoach Training program is designed to teach Budget Coaches (You) to assist individuals, couples and small business owners in getting their financial house in order.

The BudgetCoaching Process with your client:

A Financial BudgetCoach will assist their clients in evaluating their present spending pattern, and help them work toward a balanced plan. Additionally, a Budget Coach will help with:

  • Tailoring a savings plan
  • Suggest Career planning options
  • Adapting a debt reduction plan, while becoming more generous
  • Dealing with creditors, FICO score and Identity Theft
  • Providing tools to track financials
  • Point your clients to Financial Software as needed
  • Understand and apply Biblical truths allowing you to manage all the   resources God has entrusted to you

A Financial BudgetCoaching Session runs between 1 and 1½ hours. Sessions generally start out being weekly for the first one to three months, and then transition to meeting bi-weekly. The frequency and length of time spent with a client depends on their needs.

This 8-week course will train and equip you to become a Financial BudgetCoach.

As a Financial BudgetCoach you will...

  • Understand and live out the related scriptures and biblical financial principles to model to your clients how to live the life of a faithful steward.
  • Understand how to develop and implement a prayer strategy for your clients
  • Know how to analyze your client’s situation and help them prepare their practical balanced spending plan
  • Be able to recommend career resources for college and the workplace 
  • Understand the best strategy for your client to reduce debt, increase savings while becoming more generous.
  • Learn tips on how to deal with Creditors, FICO Scores, and Identity Theft
  • Know how to use “Connecting to Your Finances ®” a digital workbook to help guide each client to successfully complete their biblical financial strategies. A copy of this digital workbook is included in your training fees.

Getting Started - Becoming a Financial BudgetCoach!

Step One

Choose to complete one of the following Bible studies as your prerequisite:
  • Compass' Navigating Your Finances God's Way.*  more info
  • Compass' Money and Marriage Bible Study. more info
  • Crown's Do Well Financial Bible Study and  MoneyLife Personal Bible Study. Crown Do Well & MoneyLife
  • If you have completed one of the above studies the following option is not necessary.
  • However, if not, then your prerequisite will be satisfied by the following: You will need to read 3 chapters per week and submit to your instructor a report of what you are learning and what you will apply from “Your Money Counts” digital book . This is done parallel with the Financial BudgetCoach training.

Step Two

To Becoming a Financial BudgetCoach

  • You should have a desire to understand, teach, and apply Biblical financial principles in your life and others.
  • Commit to coach at least 1 client per quarter in your church.
  • Provide a signed copy of the Church Leadership Approval Form (CLAF)
  • Register for a Financial Coach Training Course (see sidebar at page right for dates)

Step Three

Register for (1) One of (3) Three Training Options (below): (Click on "Register NOW" here or in the top-right of this page)



Tuition Cost

Individual Registration $175
Couples Registration $275

Training Schedules

Training Schedules & Registration


BudgetCoach Training Brochure BudgetCoach Training Brochure (770 KB)


Please send the following link to your Church Pastor/Leader for approval:

Church Leader Authorization Form

Core Training Resource

Once we receive your confirmed registration you will be sent a link to this excellent resource used as a foundation reference for this course, "Connecting to Your Finances (Digital) Workbook."

This digital workbook was developed by our ministry partner Connect Financial Ministries.